Hard Work and Faith

Hard work and faith are choices you must accept to go down the agrarian path. Hard work is just what it sounds, hard. It is grueling, uncomplicated, and satisfying, and the only way to successfully get hard work done is to work hard. You cannot be distracted by methods that ‘make your life easier’ or ‘reduce your workload’. Easier does not equal better, and your workload is what it is, no matter what complicated device you can dream up that will help you finish it. The tools to do the agrarian’s job have not changed in thousands of years, and are not about to change any time soon. Machinery creates as much work as it relieves, if not more. Keep things simple, and keep your faith. Faith is also a choice, although the longer you work on and with the land, the harder it would be to deny yourself this necessity. If you simply observe the natural world patiently, faith will come of it’s own accord.

So through agrarianism, through hard work and faith, I can maintain my sense of independence, my sense of anonymity, and my own life itself until that day when I will cease my existence on this earth. At that time, I will hopefully have instilled in my children all the knowledge necessary for them to maintain their own independence, anonymity, and their own lives through the simple tenets of agrarianism: hard work and faith.


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3 responses to “Hard Work and Faith

  1. I completely agree. We work hard doing physical labor everyday…labor that some may call “the hard way” but there is nothing more satisfying at the end of a long day than finishing something with your own two hands rather than relying on any machine 😉 Your children are lucky to have someone like you to instill these things in them. These days many, if not almost all of us are not quite as fortunate.


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